Welcome to the Trackmania Grand League Winter 2021 season!

What is Trackmania Grand League

The Trackmania Grand League is the official Trackmania circuit. It takes place from early September, and ends before summer Holidays. This circuit comprises 3 big events: the TMGL Fall 2020, the TMGL Winter 2021, and the World Cup.

The 16 best players from all over the world are fighting each season for one goal : the first place. Each champion is followed by a streamer, that you can watch on Twitch. So you have the choice between 16 great streamers, in English, French and German languages.

Each season, the TMGL is divided in two stages:
  • Winter Split: 6 online steps spread over 6 weeks with all 16 players.
  • The Final: Then, Top 8 players of the regular season compete to be the season’s winner.
Do you want to become a TMGL champion?

You can join the competition by playing in the Trackmania Open Grand League on Saturday before each day of TMGL.
At the end of the regular season, the Head-to-Head will decide which OGL players will be promoted to the next TMGL, and which TMGL players will be relegated to the OGL.

All information and results are available on this website and on Twitter (@TrackmaniaGL). The TMGL also has a Youtube Channel where you’ll be able to find the best moments of the competition.

Have fun everyone! Enjoy the Winter 2021 Season, and good luck to the champion

How do you want to play ?

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